Top 3 reasons shippers, carriers and brokers should migrate to a paperless BOL and POD solution.

1) Paperwork is available, shareable and printable at your fingertips from all your devices. Avoid the admin burden.
In a busy world, communication is key. Yet alongside, comes availability. Searching through old e-mails and trying to remember what was said on a “rushed” phone call can become challenging. Spending countless hours getting ahold of dispatchers that reach out to their drivers to eventually have documentation on their desk a few days later doesn’t belong to 2017. In the professional realm, we have all experienced this and been frustrated by it.
Thinking about it, it also affects every parties; profitability, tremendously, with time spent on non added value activities. Wouldn’t it be relieving to have a central database where all your documentation is stored, edited, organized and available? Step-by-step at the touch of a button even when you are out of the office? Many platforms offer a similar service, but not industry specific. Imagine a tool where you can receive BOLs and PODs from drivers instantly, allowing faster invoicing and that was built around the needs of freight professionals, by freight professionals.

2) Fraud reduction with accurate real-time BOL/POD/Invoicing process that ensures accountability for all parties.
Unfortunately, the intricate process surrounding freight and the number of entities involved can be taken advantage of and subject to fraudulent activity. The most infamous “avenue” is creating fraudulent bill of lading’s. This encompasses theft of cargo through forged documents; theft of cargo through other fraudulent means; and the improper use of documentation. Within the industry, it is common knowledge that paperwork is KING!
As an example, without an accurate BOL it becomes an inaccurate POD. When the time comes to bill your client, an accurate POD is literally (no pun intended), PROOF! The need of reliable, centralized and available documents that ensures accuracy and accountability of such documents (but not limited to) becomes more and more prevalent. Today, a BOL should be filled out automatically the minute shippers and carriers are connected for a specific delivery and a POD generated/shared to all parties involved upon delivery to the consignees, while tracking the accuracy of each step. The process fuels efficiency while reducing fraudulent documentation through real-time transparency and accountability.

3) Increase focus on your core business, move more freight with less time spent on reoccurring day-to- day headaches.
To piggy-back on both points above the old cliché “time is money” comes to mind. Is your team chasing old correspondences and trying to find accurate documentation? Are your document reaching your desk full of inaccuracies and or false? Time consuming hurdles take up valuable resources while your focus could be directed in a different, likely more important direction: YOUR OPERATIONS.
In an industry that lies heavily on volume, finding new clients (while keeping existing ones well serviced) is crucial to success and growth. An integrated document management system will allow you and your team to chase new business as your existing portfolio/clients are well looked after. Automation will free up the time needed to grow your business and or put your efforts in more valuable areas.

We, at PML freight tech, have developed We provide you with an affordable light weight Transportation Management System that provides your direct rates from your carriers and brokers. Prices starts at $59 CAD per month and usually takes less than 24hrs to utilize. Our clients are usually moving between 3 and 25 loads per day and are mostly distributors, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and third party logistics based in Canada.


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