Top 3 reasons Real-Time Information (RTI) will transform your Supply Chain.

In the fast-paced world of logistics things change by the minute due to a vast variety of variables, some in our control and others completely out of our hands. From domestic to cross-boarder, blue skies to inclement weather, the variables are in Real-Time. In a technologically advanced world shouldn’t we have Real-Time solutions?

1) The location of your shipments is available 24/7 right at your fingertips.
Have you ever received a phone call or e-mail outside of normal business hours in regards to the location or status of a shipment? Of course you have, we all have, the industry doesn’t sleep. Can you recall how long it took to obtain and relay that information to the appropriate individuals? Real Time tracking allows you and or your clients to view the exact location of your cargo in REAL-TIME, with no delays! In 2017, viewing the location of your shipments day or night in Real-Time from any device at any location should be available and affordable toeveryone for better transparency.

2) Real-Time Notifications.
Imagine the value of being notified of the status, or change of, involved in any given shipment. From the moment your cargo is picked up until it reaches its destination you are kept up to speed on any variables the shipment may encounter throughout the entire process. As an example, if the load is held up for any given reason i.e. weather, breakdowns, accidents, boarder issues etc. the information will be relayed directly to you.
Access to this information will allow you to provide a far more accurate ETA to the different stakeholders. For hotshot freight and/or freight destined for furtherance, this is a critical asset. It’s not complicated; the technology is available today for consumers, the simplest of examples would be ordering a pizza online! Shouldn’t the same level of information be available for a companies’ most important assets?

3) Service… Service… Service… the name of the game.
Accurate information such as the location of shipments is the key to success in a world where transparency is more desired than ever. Shippers and Brokers need to advise their clients of the status of their goods; this can become challenging with multiple parties involved and lead to a mess of misinformation due to delayed communication. In many cases by the time the client receives the location of their cargo the information is inaccurate. Delays happen, although wouldn’t it be great to know what and when they happen in Real-Time? RTI aims to eliminate the variables of “broken telephone” and the “waiting period” of receiving information. Yourself and your organization will be able to monitor and track your goods every step of the way thus providing better service to your clients. This may sound obvious for the most of you, but value-added services often are what makes the difference between landing a contract or not!

We, at PML freight tech, have developed We provide you with an affordable light weight Transportation Management System that provides your direct rates from your carriers and brokers. Prices starts at $59 CAD per month and usually takes less than 24hrs to utilize. Our clients are usually moving between 3 and 25 loads per day and are mostly distributors, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and third party logistics based in Canada.


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