The Mobile solutions for logistics industry

Mobile application has been scaling up its influence in the transportation industry. Uber, the biggest disruptor in recent years has set the trends—go mobile and go on-demand.

For the highly competitive logistics industry, delivering the right product at right time and location with a reasonable price is always the rules of survival and prosperity. Understanding the industry rules, PickMyLoad is committed to equip industry players with latest mobile technologies and keep them ahead of competitors by proactively prepared and accommodate for the industry trends.

PickMyLoad is designed to establish a direct communication platform for carriers and shippers. To achieve the goal, we created a real-time location-based mobile application that connects both parties and stores user data.

Similar to Uber, the mobile app allows truck drivers to view the waiting shipping requests in a certain area. The drivers will be given the choice of “Accept” or “Decline” the request. The truck that accepts the request first will get the job. The shippers’ details including the type of load, drop-off locations, pickup and contact information can be accessed by the driver.

With either cellular network or GPS, the mobile app can track the truck in both cities and countryside. The app transmits the truck’s real-time location data to the server. Data then can be accessed by both truck drivers and carriers for future optimization of shipment and supervision of the delivery process. The app also helps track traffic conditions by accessing the real-time traffic data from Google and analyzing the driver’s typical driving patterns.

Other functions such as push notifications about the nearest truck stops, rest areas, and current weather conditions are also embedded in PickMyLoad app for the convenience of drivers.


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