It’s Time to Change the Way We Think of Transportation

Challenges brought to Canadian freight industry.
“Today, with my signature, I give you our word that Canada’s efforts will not cease,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave his word after he signed the Paris agreement on climate change during a ceremony at the United Nations in New York on April 22.

Canada’s Parliament Budget Office quickly threw cold water on it, claiming in a new report that to meet Canada’s international target—30% reduction in 2030, we will have to bring its carbon dioxide emissions down by 208 megatons.

“This is equivalent to taking more than all the gasoline and diesel-powered cars and trucks in the country — including off-road vehicles — off the road.” They further visualized the abstract stats with a terrifying picture.

According to Supply Chain Decarburization, transportation and logistics account for 5% of the total carbon dioxide emissions of 50,000 megatons generated by all human activity annually. Therefore, in order to fulfill the promise, the regulations of provincial carbon programs and carbon cost will have to be dramatically increased. This will directly result in more expensive business operations for freight transportation industry.

For freight transportation industry, climate action shouldn’t be a burden, it should be a win-win.
“Climate change will test our intelligence”, said Trudeau during the ceremony. The intelligence required in this ambitious situation is to forcefully implement the climate action without putting too much burden on freight transportation industry.

SmartWay Transport Partnership, the public and private collaboration between the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Natural Resource Canada and freight transportation industry started in 2012 has helped shippers, carriers and logistics companies achieve the sustainable development goals.

The partner list includes carriers from both U.S and Canada. To register, carriers can download the SmartWay Truck Tool, complete it with data on their fleet activities and operations, and submit it to Natural Resources Canada.

Companies can compare fuel consumptions and efficiency therefore benchmark themselves against other trucking companies. Since launch, thousands of truck companies have joined and it has contributed enormously in terms of reducing the fuel cost and emission while improving both shippers and carriers annual performance.

New technologies that elevate the environmental initiatives to a higher level
The report, called Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Developments, Prospectus and Reductions also mentioned that if the industries actively take environmental initiatives by continuously adopting the new technologies that lower their carbon-dioxide emissions, the environmental action will not cost too much.

Introducing Pick My Load, an on demand transportation technology that brings automation in connecting shippers, fleet managers and carriers across Canada and United States in a common platform. A new website called is set to launch on June 21, 2016.

The Pick My Load (PML) designation was born in response to environmental protection and sustainable development of freight supply chain. The idea behind is to elevate the environmental initiatives of Canadian freight transportation industry to the next level, creating a win-win for both transportation industry and environment.

Change the way we think of transportation
The idea behind Pick My Load is to optimize the freight and logistic process to achieve the maximum fuel efficiency and minimize the carbon dioxide emissions. Gwenaël Malbec, CEO and co-founder of Pick My Load Inc. said: “We are proud of the solution we have collaboratively built and have a feeling that we got it right, that PML will change the way we think of transportation.”

This on demand transportation technology enables registered shippers to post loads and desired price, the system will connect them with qualified carriers based on a variety of parameters such as geo-locations. The advanced analytics tool embedded in Pick My load will demonstrate, in real numbers, the improvement in fuel efficiency, cost saving and carbon emission reduction. Pick My Load also has close ties with carriers that are active on SmartWay.

“Carriers will significantly decrease their empty driven miles and naturally increase their revenue, reducing the impact of maintenance costs, with a smaller footprint on the environment. Understanding that the use of our platform is free, the return on investment is immediate. Shippers will better control their shipment costs as they will have access to transportation capacity that was hidden before.”

Starting May 1, both shippers and carriers will be welcomed to pre-register. Go to to pre-register.


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