PickMyLoad—where small trucking companies grow rapidly

Nearly 90% of the trucks are owned by small trucking companies. However, the reality is that the Canadian logistic industry is fairly tough for small players to compete and grow.

On one hand, the trucking industry itself is strictly regulated, hardware-based, and incredibly fragmented. Moreover, with the Canadian dollar continuously weakening, signs of the negative economic impact including the increasing replenishing and maintenance cost brings more challenges to smaller players.

One the other hand, lots of trucking business comes from short-notice shipments which is also called spot market. In order to snatch these short-distance and short-notice business, small trucking companies often undercut each other and offer aggressive rates which undersells themselves. The undue competition caused a vicious circle that hampers long term development.

Growing a trucking company requires full dedication and elaborate plans. However, for a lots of small trucking companies that own less than 6 trucks, owners oftentimes play the roles as drivers. When the owners are busy, it is difficult for them to formulate growth strategies with enough amount of concentration and efforts. Limited budget is another constrain. If the company plans to purchase more trucks, it needs more budget for back-office management and administrative support.

Pick My Load Inc is born through collaboration between veterans from both trucking industry and professionals from IT world. Having done the deep industry analysis, we saw the growth predicament of small trucking players and decided to push the pendulum to swing the other way. Our team realized that no platform was really fostering a sustainable environment where small trucking companies can completely freely and thus we have crafted an advanced tool PickMyLoad.

PickMyLoad is allows shippers to list shipment request that trucks with excess capacity can accept and complete. By making the direct connection, small truckers can save on both back-office administrative support and cost of traditional brokers. We give all trucking companies fair access and equally vet them, reviewing their qualifications based on the same criteria. In additions, the advanced invoicing and payment system accelerates the payment process, eliminating payment delay.


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